Warehousing Functions

West Bengal State Warehousing Corporation runs general warehouses for rendering storage services to various agricultural produces and notified commodities under the following systems :

1. General Warehousing System

The Depositors contact the warehouses, deposit their stocks, Warehouse Receipts against the stocks are issued and the delivery of the stocks are made upon realization of the storage charges accrued.

2. Guarantee System

Stocks are received in bulk at different Warehouses against reservation of space in advance on payment basis. Agreement is executed between the Depositors and the Corporation and Storage Charges are normally realized against the bills.

3. Self Operation System (under joint locking system)

Spaces are provided for the storage of goods to some Depositors, who intend to transact the stocks themselves at their own risk and responsibility. Corporation neither maintain any inventory of goods nor take out insurance covers for any risk.

4. Open Storage System

Non perishable items are stored in open yard of the Warehouses located at various parts of the state.

5. Disinfestation Extension Services

The Corporation runs Disinfestation Extension Service Centres to provide Disinfestation Services and Pest and Rodent Control to various commercial and business establishments and residential accommodations at reasonable charges, besides meeting the Corporation's own requirements.

6. Handling and Transportation Services

The Corporation renders Handling and Transportation Services to the Bulk Depositors through its H & T Contractors against a nominal supervision Charge of 10% on the H & T Billing of the Contractors.

7. Accommodation Services

The Corporation maintains Guest Houses at different locations of west Bengal, which are provided to the guests particularly the visiting officials or different stakeholders at nominal rates.

Apart from all these the Corporation is also considering actively to diversify its activities to some related areas such as Clearing & Forwarding services, Logistic services and Renting out of the Office Spaces.